Radar Group appoints Iselin Paulsen as PR Director

Supporting decision makers across the Nordics

Iselin Paulsen -We are pleased to have Paulsen on board, strengthening our presence in the Nordic markets and positioning Radar towards broader segments of decision makers in private and public sector, says CEO Hans Werner.

Paulsen has two decades of experience from political processes, and has worked over 25 years with strategic communication, positioning and business development in both private and public sector. She has worked closely with CEOs and top management across the IT industry and has strong relations with stakeholders of importance in the industry.

-Paulsen will head the corporate public affairs of Radar Group and support our expansion in Nordic and Norwegian markets. Together with Radar`s team of experienced industry advisors, Paulsen will play an important role in expanding Radar`s portfolio of Norwegian and Nordic insights and reports to support decision makers in the IT ecosystem, says CEO of Radar Norway, Stian Brekke.

-I am excited to be a part of Radar, which is an important player in the Nordic IT ecosystem. A rapidly changing market, in a demanding geopolitical situation coupled with new regulations and continued consolidations, makes strategic insights and reports even more essential to decision makers across private and public sector. I look forward to contributing to improved strategic business decisions across Nordic markets through Radar`s broad service portfolio, says Paulsen.

About Radar

Radar recently expanded into Norway and serves over 14.000 Nordic customers. Radar was founded in 2007 by Hans Werner, and publishes data, key numbers and analysis for the respective Nordic countries. Radars industry experts provides advice within IT-management, strategy, sourcing and business development. Radar aims to create strategic customer value, and due to loyal and satisfied customers, Radar has grown to be an independent and important player in the Nordic IT ecosystem.

Radar delivers insights and analysis built on local information, coupled with information on strategy. Priorities and key numbers are provided by decision makers within IT representing both suppliers and buyers. Radar follows underlying regulatory developments, market developments and technology trends that affects the foundations of IT-business and provides advice and recommendations on how to meet these developments. Radar has 20+ employees, and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with office locations in Gothenburg and Oslo. Read more on https://radargrp.com

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